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Physics Quiz 9

  • Resistance of a wire that must be placed parallel with a 12 Ω resistance to obtain a combined resistance of 4 Ω is

    • 2 Ω
    • 4 Ω
    • 6 Ω
    • 8 Ω
  • Aeroplane was invented by

    • Nicolas
    • Valta
    • Orville and Wilbur Wright
    • Ampere
  • What is the principle of thermopile?

    • Peltier effect
    • Seeback effect
    • Zeeman effect
    • Compton effect
  • The speed of light in ait is

    • 3*10^8 m/s
    • 3*10^-8 m/s
    • 8*10^3 m/s
    • Infinity
  • According to kepler’s first law of planetary motion, planets move in

    • Straight lines
    • Elliptical orbits
    • Circular orbits
    • A parabola
  • A substance is colored due to the absorption of

    • U.V. light
    • I.R. radiation
    • Microwave radiation
    • Visible light
  • The ratio of the linear stress to the linear strain of a body is called

    • Rigidity modulus
    • Young’s modulus
    • Bulk modulus
    • Hooke’s modulus
  • For the same total weight and the same fuel supply a multi-stage rocket is preferred to a single stage rocket, because

    • It is cheaper to build a multistage rocket
    • It is easier to assemble a multistage rocket
    • The final velocity achieved by a multistage rocket is higher
    • Multistage rocket is safe to launch
  • 27°c can be expressed as

    • 250 k
    • 200 k
    • 400 k
    • 300 k
  • When two resistors, each of value 10 Ω, are connected in parallel, what is the effective value of the combination?

    • 5 Ω
    • 4 Ω
    • 6 Ω
    • 7 Ω

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