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Physics Quiz 8

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    Two man talk on moon

    • They hear each other with low frequency
    • They hear each other with high frequency
    • They can hear each other as such
    • They cannot hear each other at all
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    In mountains because atmospheric pressure is low, the boiling point of water

    • Decreases
    • Increases
    • May increase or decrease
    • Remains the same
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    By centrifugal action we can separate particles of different

    • Colours
    • Densities
    • Masses
    • Sizes
  • Question of

    Raman effect is due to

    • Dispersion effect
    • Scattering of light
    • Total internal reflection
    • Interference of light
  • Question of

    Diamond shines brightly because it has

    • Low refractive index and low Critical Angle
    • Low refractive index and high Critical Angle
    • High refractive index and low Critical Angle
    • High refractive index and High Critical Angle
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    Non conductors, whose polarization is caused by an electric field are known as

    • Semiconductor
    • Superconductor
    • Resistive conductors
    • Dielectrices
  • Question of

    The base of an electron iron is highly polished mainly to

    • Make it smooth and frictionless
    • Make it rush proof
    • Reduce heat loss by radiation
    • Make it more durable
  • Question of

    Electronic devices that convert DC power into AC power are called

    • Converters
    • Transformers
    • Inverters
    • Rectifier
  • Question of

    The heating element in electric stove is made of

    • Copper
    • Platinum
    • Nichrome
    • Tungsten
  • Question of

    The least distance of distinct vision is

    • 15 cm
    • 15 m
    • 25 m
    • 25 cm

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