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Physics Quiz 7

  • The coefficient of reflectivity of a perfect black body is

    • Zero
    • Infinite
    • 1
    • Between 0 and 1
  • Joule is the unit of

    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Energy
    • Electric potential
  • The colour of light is determined by its

    • Velocity
    • Amplitude
    • Wavelength
    • Phase
  • Wave theory was proposed by

    • Yes
    • No
    • Roman
    • Young
  • Charge of an electron is

    • 1.6×10 ^(-10) Coulomb
    • 1.6×10 ^(-27) Coulomb
    • 1.6×10 ^(-19) Coulomb
    • 6.1×10 ^(-19) Coulomb
  • The common emitter configuration is more than common base configuration because the common emitter configuration gives

    • high current gain, high voltage gain and high power gain
    • low current gain, low voltage gain and low power gain
    • low current gain, high voltage gain and low power gain
    • high current gain, high voltage gain and low power gain
  • Crystals having low melting point are in

    • Vander waal’s Bond
    • Ionic bond
    • Covalent bond
    • Metallic Bond
  • In an AC circuit containing capacitance only

    • Current lags the EMF by π/2
    • Current leads the EMF by π/2
    • Current lags the EMF by π
    • Current leads the EMF by π
  • Substances which lose their electrical resistance at very low temperature are called

    • Good conductor
    • Semiconductor
    • Dielectrics
    • Superconductors
  • Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for

    • Theory of relativity
    • Gravitational effect
    • Quantum effect
    • Photoelectric effect

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