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Physics Quiz 12

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    The weight of a body is

    • the same everywhere on the surface of the earth
    • maximum at the poles
    • maximum at the equator
    • more on the hills than in the plains
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    Ball pen works on the principle of

    • Viscosity
    • Boyle’s law
    • Gravitational force
    • Capillarity and surface tension
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    At what temperature a body will not radiate any heat energy?

    • 0 ° C
    • 273 ° C
    • 100 ° C
    • -273 ° C
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    In a standing wave the distance between a node and adjacent anti-node is

    • 3 λ/2
    • λ/2
    • λ/4
    • 3 λ/4
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    A telescope and a microscope differ in that

    • both are different instruments
    • telescope has eyepiece with larger focal lengths than the objective lens
    • telescope has objective of large focal lengths and eyepiece of smaller focal lengths
    • None of these
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    The center of the Newton’s rings pattern is dark, because

    • the light undergoes a phase change π
    • the glass plate and the plano – convex lens are in contact with each other at the centre
    • the light undergoes a phase change 2π
    • the light undergoes a phase change π/2
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    Galvanometer can be converted into a voltmeter by using

    • a low resistance in series
    • a low resistance in parallel
    • a high resistance in parallel
    • a high resistance in series
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    The apparatus used in submarines to give clear view of the objects on the surface of the ocean or ground is known as

    • periscope
    • sextant
    • stereoscope
    • telescope
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    Which metal is commonly used for making an Electro-magnet?

    • Copper
    • Iron
    • Nickel
    • Cobalt
  • Question of

    Kilowatt hour is a unit of

    • Energy
    • Power
    • Electric charge
    • Current

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