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Physics Quiz 11

  • In general, when the temperature of a metal is raised, its conductance

    • Increases
    • Decreases
    • Remains same
    • First increases then decreases
  • 1 Kilowatt hour is the unit of

    • Energy
    • Power
    • Charge
    • Current
  • Electromagnetic radiations are given out due to

    • jumping of electrons from low energy level to high energy level
    • jumping of electrons from high energy level to low energy level
    • revolution of electrons in specified orbits
    • None of these
  • One of the following is used for Satellite communication?

    • Radio waves
    • Micro waves
    • Light waves
    • All of these
  • Arrange in descending order of Wavelength (long to short) I. Infra-red II. Ultra violet III. Gamma rays IV. Micro waves The correct order is

    • IV, I, II, III
    • I, IV, II, III
    • I, II, III, IV
    • III, II, I, IV
  • Our Earth while it revolves round the Sun, moves in one hour, a distance of ___ is approximately covered

    • 100,000 km
    • 10,000 km
    • 1,000 Km
    • 1000 miles
  • The colour of outer edge of rainbow is generally

    • Purple
    • Red
    • Violet
    • Yellow
  • When seen through a piece of red glass, the green leaves will appear

    • almost black
    • nearly visible
    • green colour of reduced intensity
    • bluish tint
  • Which one of the following is correctly matched?

    • Anemometer – velocity of wind
    • Cardiogram – depth of the ocean
    • Encephalograph – heart movements
    • Fathometer – brain movements
  • Persistence of vision is the principle behind

    • camera
    • spectroscope
    • cinema
    • periscope

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