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Physics Quiz 10

  • In Optics the relation between u, v and f is

    • 1/f = 1/u + 1/v
    • 1/u = 1/f + 1/v
    • 1/f = (1/u)/ (1/v)
    • 1/v = (1/f)/ (1/u)
  • The Half Life period of C14 is 5600 years, what is the time required for C14 to become 1/4th of its initial size?

    • 4000 years
    • 5600 years
    • 11200 years
    • 13000 years
  • Light year is the unit of

    • time
    • Weight
    • Distance
    • Intensity of light
  • If an object weighs 60 kilogram weight on Earth, it’s weight on the surface of the moon will be

    • 360 kgm – wt
    • 0 kgm – wt
    • 6 kgm – wt
    • 10 kgm – wt
  • Small drop of mercury is spherical due to

    • Viscosity
    • Surface tension
    • Gravity
    • Elasticity
  • The unit of power of lens is

    • Decibel
    • Pascal
    • Dioptre
    • Stoke
  • The smallest planet in the solar system is

    • Mars
    • Mercury
    • Earth
    • Pluto
  • The time taken by light to travel from the sun to the earth is

    • 15.2 minutes
    • 4.66 minutes
    • 8.33 minutes
    • 1.5 minutes
  • A convex lens forms an image of a distant object on a screen, if the upper half of the lens is blocked by a piece of paper then

    • The lower half of the image building cut off
    • The upper half of the image will be cut off
    • The image will be full, but its intensity will be reduced
  • A transformer

    • Transformers energy
    • Transformers frequency
    • Increase or decrease voltage
    • Generates e.m.f.

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