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Indus River System – Major Tributaries, Facts, Keypoints

Indus River System

The river Indus is a part of the Himalayan river system. The Indian river system is mainly divided into two parts, and these are the Himalayan river system and the Peninsular river system.

The river Indus originates from the chemyungdung (chim-yung-dung) glacier near Lake Mansarovar in Tibet (China). It flows through three countries, ie. China, India, and Pakistan.

In India, it flows through Jammu and Kashmir state and then entrees in Pakistan. Indus is the Longest and National river of Pakistan which joins Arabian sea after leaving Pakistan.

The word India comes from river Indus, in fact in different times, different peoples changed the name a little bit, Sindhu becomes Hindu and Hindu becomes Indu means India.

Key points / Facts –

  • River Indus
  • Sanskrit NameSindhu
  • Vedic Name ——
  • Greek Name——
  • Origination PointChim-yung-dung glacier (Near lake Mansarovar) Tibet (China)
  • Total Length2880 km (approximate)
  • Length in India1114 km (approximate – including POK)
  • States J&K
  • Left bank tributariesJhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Satuj
  • Right bank tributries – 
  • Major Tributries – Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Satuj

Major tributaries of Indus River

The major tributaries of river Indus are Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Satluj, out of which Satuj is the Largest tributary of Indus river.

Satluj River

Satluj is one of the significant and also the largest tributary of river Indus. It originates from Rakshastal Lake, near Lake Mansarovar in Tibet (China).

After entering India, it flows from Himachal Pradesh and Punjab states and then it goes to Pakistan. 

In Pakistan before joining Indus river, it collects all the water from its tributaries (Chenab and Beas) and sub-tributaries (Jhelum and Ravi). It deposits it’s water in Indus river at place Mithankot in Pakistan.

Key points / Facts –

  • River Satluj
  • Sanskrit NameSaudru
  • Vedic Name Satudri
  • Greek Name——
  • Origination PointRakshastal Lake (Near lake Mansarovar) Tibet (China)
  • Total Length1450 km (approximate)
  • Length in India1050  km 
  • States Himachal Pradesh and Punjab
  • Left bank tributaries – 
  • Right bank tributariesBeas and Chenab

Beas River

Beas is the tributary of river Satluj, originates in Himachal Pradesh near Rohtang Pass. It joins Satluj in Punjab, and it is the only one tributary of river Indus which doesn’t go to Pakistan.

Key points / Facts –

  • River Beas
  • Sanskrit NameBipasha
  • Vedic Name Aarijika
  • Greek Name——
  • Origination PointNear Rohtang pass (HP)
  • Total Length470 km
  • Length in India470 km
  • States Himachal Pradesh
  • Left bank tributariesNone
  • Right bank tributariesNone

Ravi River

Ravi is the tributary of river Chenab (See next heading to learn about chenab), originates from Himachal Pradesh near Rohtang Pass after that it joins Satluj in Pakistan.

Key points / Facts –

  • River Ravi
  • Sanskrit NameIravati
  • Vedic Name Parushani
  • Greek Name——
  • Origination PointNear Rohtang pass (HP)
  • Total Length720 km
  • Length in India
  • States Himachal Pradesh and Punjab
  • Left bank tributariesNone
  • Right bank tributariesNone

Chenab River

The mainstream Chenab is made by the confluence of 2 rivers, Chandra and Bhaga.

Chenab is the tributary of river Satluj, originates from Himachal Pradesh near Bara-Lacha Pass. After that, it flows through J&K and entrees in Pakistan & Joins river Satluj in Pakistan before collecting water from its tributary Ravi river.

Key points / Facts –

  • River Chanab
  • Sanskrit NameChandraBhaga
  • Vedic Name Asikani
  • Greek Name——
  • Origination PointNear Bara-Lacha Pass (HP)
  • Total Length960 km
  • Length in India
  • States Himachal Pradesh and J&K
  • Left bank tributariesRavi
  • Right bank tributariesNone

Jhelum River

Jhelum originates from Verinag in Jammu and Kashmir state. It flows through Wular Lake and after that it flows few kilometres along with India and Pakistan border and joins the river Satluj in Pakistan.

Key points / Facts –

  • River Jhelum
  • Sanskrit NameVetastā
  • Vedic Name
  • Greek Name—-
  • Origination PointVerinag (J&K)
  • Total Length725 km
  • Length in India
  • States J&K
  • Left bank tributariesNone
  • Right bank tributariesKishan-ganga

This article is under construction, many images and content here will be added soon. All the content provided here is the most accurate as per my knowledge, but still if you find any issue, please comment below. 

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