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Imp. Scientific names of fruits with pictures-list with English & Hindi Names

Here is the list of most important scientific names of fruits along with English and Hindi names. We also added images of the birds because as you know “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

You can also play quiz of this article from here (Coming Soon) and you can also watch the video from here in which we tell you how to learn these difficult scientific names easily with #1 tricks created by (Video language – written in both English and Hindi languages and mostly explained in Hindi language).

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Scientific Names - Fruits

1. Mango

Hindi  – आम

Scientific – Mangifera indica

2. Grapes

Hindi – अंगुर 

Scientific – Vitis (विटियस) 

3. Apple

Hindi – सेब

Scientific – Malus (मेलस)

4. Banana

Hindi – केला

Scientific – Musa paradicicum

5. Sugarcane

Hindi – गन्ना

Scientific – Saccharum officinarum

6. Blackberry

Hindi – जामुन

Scientific – Syzygium cumini

7. Orange

Hindi – संतरा

Scientific – Citrus sinensis

8. Lemon

Hindi – नींबू

Scientific – Citrus Limonium

9. Watermelon

Hindi – तरबूज

Scientific – Citrullus lanatus

10. Guava

Hindi – अमरूद

Scientific – Psidium guajava

11. Coconut

Hindi – नारियल

Scientific – Cocos nucifera

12. Pineapple

Hindi – अनानास

Scientific – Ananas comosus

13. Pear

Hindi – नाशपाती

Scientific –  Pyrus (पाइरस)

14. Strawberry

Hindi – स्ट्रॉबेरी

Scientific –  Fragaria ananassa

Some Dry Fruits

15. Cashew

Hindi – काजू

Scientific –  Anacardium occidentale

16. Almond

Hindi – बादाम

Scientific –  Prunus dulcis

17. Peanut

Hindi – मुंगफली

Scientific –  Arachis hypogaea

18. Cardamom

Hindi – इलायची

Scientific – Elettaria cardamomum

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